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Our Mission Statement

Within a positive environment based on Christian values, and with a strong social justice focus, St. Michael’s students are encouraged to avail of all opportunities to develop to their true creative, academic, personal and spiritual potential.


Our Philosophy of Education

We aim to make our school an educational community where

• Justice, freedom, love, sincerity and joy find expression

• Young people feel accepted and are allowed to experience the exercise of appropriate responsibility

• Special concern for the disadvantaged is experienced and encouraged

• Positive critical reflection is developed

• Staff, parents, students, past-pupils, and management co-operate for the common good.


Our Heritage

• St. Michael’s in Navan is a school under the Trusteeship of the Loreto Sisters.

• Our order of sisters, founded by a visionary woman, Mary Ward, has a heritage spanning 450 years, and we are in every continent of the world.

• In Ireland St. Michael’s, Navan is one of a Network of more than 25 schools, which are linked through, and are supported by, a full time Education Office.

• Loreto sisters opened the first Catholic school for girls in the Navan area in 1833.

• For over 150 years in Navan we have provided an educational environment renowned for its excellence in academic and cultural achievements, and for the holistic development of our students.


Our Community

Loreto Secondary School, St. Michael’s is part of the wider Navan and County Meath community. We try to develop and sustain links with local parish, groups, and businesses.

• Our students are at the centre of our School Community. We enrol students aged 12 – 18 from approximately twenty-two Primary Schools in a wide area of County Meath.

• The staff numbers 52 which includes 2 Career Guidance Counsellors, 2 Home School Links / Pastoral Guides, teachers of academic subjects, specialist teachers, and ancillary staff. We also have the services of a Counsellor/Psychotherapist to help students who experience personal difficulties.

• Our Office personnel are also a very important part of the school community and they provide a friendly, and professional service.

• The Parents’ Association is long established and membership includes all parents/guardians of students in St. Michael’s, and the Principal of the school. An elected Parents’ Council is very active and involved in the school each year.

• The school is managed by a Board of Management on a three-year appointment basis. Parents, and Staff elect members to the
Board and the Trustees also appoint members.

• Trusteeship of the school is in the hands of the Loreto Education Trust Board


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