Spiritual Development

February 15, 2010 | | Comments Off on Spiritual Development

As a Catholic School, Gospel values permeate our whole approach to education. We believe in helping our students to develop a personal and community spirituality appropriate to their age. Students of other religions are very welcome and their religious beliefs are respected.

• Our desire is that on completion of her second level education the young adult will have been helped to see God present and working in all creation – in nature, in persons and experiences.

• We help our young people to come to a personal knowledge of God and his love for them.

• Our approach is experiential, informative and practical. Our school Oratory is a place of quiet, where students, staff and members of the local community can find an atmosphere for personal prayer, or reflection on life.

• Experience of different types of prayer (meditation, communal, reflection) are provided for all classes. Students find quiet meditation particularly helpful.

• We try to provide a Retreat for all year groups each year – the style and format depending on age the group involved.

• We provide opportunities for different types of liturgical and sacramental celebrations – emphasising the particular seasons of the year (New School Year, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Graduations etc.). Students particularly like small group liturgies, which they themselves prepare.

• Education in global awareness, human rights and social justice, and the Christian’s response to these issues is a major part of our school ethos.


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